CAGE Code List For NSN Manufacturers by Page 20

0PTL2 0RA54 0R3N2 0PHG7 0PLE2 0PB28 0RGH4 0R803
0PX55 0P6X0 0R2D1 0PDS9 0R464 0RT25 0R9Z0 0RS37
0RGV9 0R376 0R8V4 0PK96 0RBP7 0RT44 0PU69 0PYA5
0PTK6 0PKG3 0PTX4 0PXH5 0RW23 0RJK2 0P805 0PKM0
0R540 0PX47 0RDV3 0P5S4 0PYH2 0R1F7 0PXR7 0P771
0PFE6 0PZE8 0P7U0 0PK33 0P9Y9 0RMS7 0RU00 0R467
0RGX6 0PKA7 0R9M7 0P1D9 0PXC4 0RJ93 0P584 0RM19
0P569 0R8Y4 0RJC1 0RCL6 0PAP6 0PN13 0RDZ5 0RHW3
0RSN6 0RM84 0REY5 0PCT8 0PCN1 0RTM2 0PYC5 0PFG7
0R8N6 0RCC3 0PK95 0PR45 0PTH6 0P9P9 0RR58 0P8G7
0RLU1 0PT57 0P926 0RBC3 0PL77 0R2N0 0PRZ1 0PCT4
0RMG5 0P567 0RBZ8 0P990 0PBM1 0RCT5 0P668 0RTZ3
0RTM9 0RHT0 0PDC0 0P670 0RGW8 0PN76 0PNW5 0RHE6
0R2B0 0RPC9 0P2U4 0RMJ9 0RBP6 0PVB6 0RUA0 0P9K3
0R582 0RC95 0RRC3 0PD68 0R763 0RML8 0PMN0 0PVN1
0PAF4 0PV12 0RVB7 0PNX2 0RNT4 0PEG2 0RC40 0PKK6
0RFM7 0PK84 0RF57 0RE25 0P498 0R6D3 0RF48 0PZ02
0RBG7 0PKT6 0RTR1 0REJ7 0PAE4 0PCF0 0P8C1 0R5S9
0PTK5 0P6V4 0PP84 0RAL6 0RAA0 0RC67 0P2U2 0P4U0
0PL94 0P697 0P4B6 0P657 0PPN6 0R5A1 0R136 0PHD4
0P948 0R4H1 0PLD5 0P4A7 0PLS1 0PG23 0PW27 0RSZ4
0PDR0 0RN34 0PXP2 0PJN4 0PC33 0PPC7 0RJ73 0PH16
0R6E5 0PXV4 0PD13 0RNP9 0P807 0P9Y2 0PYK6 0PWX4
0RVK9 0PN65 0RJM6 0RKT0 0PAL0 0PUL0 0RVX6 0PV64
0RP01 0PFC8 0RKK0 0P9C2 0PHV1 0R5K9 0PGL6 0RME7
0PV06 0P6H3 0RM28 0P957 0RGD3 0RT36 0PCZ0 0RH64
0RRB5 0PVG2 0R6Y9 0PZW7 0PCN5 0PMN3 0RH25 0P0U1
0P0N7 0RBF0 0PYW1 0REF0 0PXA1 0PHN5 0R5J4 0PGW7
0P9E1 0R789 0RNR0 0PT56 0R791 0RT80 0P4U1 0PF10
0RRR4 0PK88 0P642 0RK65 0PPP5 0PG62 0RR82 0P2T1
0PZY8 0PJP1 0RFT4 0PP44 0RJ90 0PNP0 0RPY6 0PXR5
0P224 0PR93 0PPN8 0RJN5 0P553 0PRC1 0R367 0PVE5
0RK19 0PJT5 0R8U8 0RJM5 0PEK5 0PK67 0PR58 0RAS6
0PD87 0P0G6 0P1X2 0P8P2 0RG14 0RTZ6 0PH81 0P7E7
0P309 0RU90 0RN45 0P1J0 0PVX4 0RLM3 0PNB3 0RAP1
0PRE4 0PMG8 0PER5 0RRY0 0R6C9 0PB16 0RHL5 0PE19
0RJD4 0PWK2 0P636 0R503 0PD99 0PMG6 0PGF1 0R3G6
0REV0 0PTL6 0RJ60 0RHS3 0R9L0 0P4L4 0RTE9 0PA65
0PCR1 0RG94 0RLN3 0RVX2 0RKS2 0PJ94 0RV00 0P1M0
0PM72 0PW26 0RDK8 0RW44 0PU73 0P953 0PMV4 0RMS3
0P291 0PXN4 0RVE1 0RML3 0PEK6 0R593 0PT44 0PLM4
0PN60 0RJ02 0RAW7 0RAM5 0PS76 0PTE9 0PDR3 0P4U8
0PHR4 0PEN2 0RR35 0PZA4 0PU81 0RBW8 0P124 0PTC6
0P2J5 0PSR7 0R9K5 0RC21 0R6M6 0RC69 0RU20 0RMW2
0REA2 0RTH2 0P700 0RAG4 0R5F0 0RAU7 0PKM9 0P823
0PXJ5 0RL63 0PNB5 0RH61 0PJD4 0RLH6 0PTC5 0P1N1
0RHV1 0R2B2 0RJE0 0R559 0PZ34 0PHX5 0RKL5 0R215
0RGE2 0PRM6 0PDG4 0P9L0 0RA00 0RJ59 0PTK8 0PN68
0PJY7 0PFL9 0PXA4 0PJR2 0R9U5 0PKZ4 0PHZ3 0PJB5
0P945 0RRE0 0PXM9 0P9D1 0PTK4 0RSM5 0PEX9 0R8E8
0R293 0R7Y6 0RTN6 0RN63 0PXJ7 0P528 0PRK2 0RKN9
0P1H0 0RMV0 0PD25 0RJU2 0RA99 0PES2 0PJN9 0P206
0REB9 0P9C7 0RRB2 0R0H9 0PEH9 0PCR9 0PJ84 0P7P6
0P665 0PKD5 0P925 0P3Z7 0R5Z5 0RMF7 0RAX3 0RC86
0R486 0RRM4 0R3G3 0RP82 0RL45 0RDA5 0PTG1 0P9F3
0P5W5 0RAX1 0PL74 0P327 0RTK8 0RHR7 0R6X1 0RM64
0R7T0 0R6B2 0P3G1 0RB59 0RCC8 0RBP4 0R2Y3 0RDF2
0R596 0RW04 0RU82 0P414 0REL4 0PZP2 0RFB8 0PF98
0PCT5 0RPE0 0RTK3 0R229 0R7K8 0PF93 0R8J4 0PW72
0RMB7 0RE01 0RM65 0P2A4 0PH43 0PXL4 0R1Z5 0P0Z1
0RRC7 0RRS8 0PH91 0P560 0RPA2 0PBL0 0PV68 0R7R2
0RBV8 0RAL1 0RAG5 0PUY4 0RF70 0RPE1 0P799 0RK88
0P423 0PD84 0P9A7 0RN72 0PV29 0R903 0RS22 0RPT8
0PWG2 0R100 0PEU2 0PJD3 0P5B8 0PN27 0P103 0R8H4
0PLZ9 0P5R7 0RA71 0RV28 0R2V9 0P7S0 0PYM0 0RM62
0RW67 0PEN1 0P841 0RKX8 0RCD8 0P2R5 0RRN4 0P7R4
0PWP1 0R3Z4 0P5C6 0PSG1 0RTL3 0RU85 0PYS7 0RAY8
0RSC0 0RUR0 0R8T9 0P0S7 0PJA7 0RK53 0R4B6 0P349
0PEF2 0PX05 0P8W3 0PXK1 0PTT5 0PXT5 0RGV4 0PG51
0PK87 0P2X1 0PZV0 0PZW1 0P8P9 0RDB9 0PTG9 0RH47
0RMP7 0PSC0 0RSF9 0R4N5 0RWG8 0PJ27 0RMN3 0RCH2
0P2R9 0RDJ0 0P8V4 0RFY3 0P1T5 0PNJ9 0RKN7 0PHC1
0PKC7 0RA56 0PJ36 0PB18 0RH68 0RFG4 0PCE5 0P6V5
0RGD2 0PT62 0PCW1 0RM74 0PTK3 0RK79 0RHU4 0PYX3
0R9D3 0R981 0R4E7 0RN21 0R8M2 0RBP8 0RLB6 0P2E5
0R8N4 0PRV4 0P6X3 0P826 0PVF8 0RHU7 0RCH0 0RST3
0RES6 0PL04 0PHW1 0RRA0 0R846 0RCG7 0PUJ6 0R7B8
0RAA5 0PPR9 0RRC9 0PC66 0PNX4 0RTJ5 0PL34 0R8S6
0REV5 0PW39 0RJ62 0RS15 0P5U9 0RA09 0P7L1 0P4K4
0R2T5 0RJ55 0PXM8 0PK30 0PJA1 0RDY7 0PSM8 0RFW8
0PUX8 0R505 0R999 0PH01 0PS51 0P7Z6 0R9J9 0RGT9
0PSR6 0RTE6 0PHS0 0RPT6 0REN3 0RJM3 0PXG6 0R914
0RNT6 0RSH7 0RDX4 0REC3 0R125 0PYY3 0R2X7 0RKX3
0PSZ2 0PGJ9 0R961 0R4T1 0RA12 0PW06 0R3M6 0RDW0
0RMS9 0R9G4 0P3X3 0P9U4 0PK94 0RJ66 0PF82 0R3X9
0RPH8 0R485 0PR24 0PNR4 0RL79 0RAM1 0PZF7 0PTA7
0RKX9 0R982 0RM11 0RLV7 0RJ65 0RK00 0P2C9 0P5K3
0R205 0P1P4 0PBY3 0PTB5

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