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If you need Power Cords networking components such as 30824, OV-CRS901030, 0419-2BLU, SA-ACC-PWR-AC-UK, J9879A, look no further than ASAP Purchasing. Our website conveniently lists each networking part by its part number, manufacturer, and a brief description. IT hardware networking part Power Cords is just one of the items we offer in our inventory of over 6 billion parts, and our strict No China Sourcing Policy enables us to guarantee that each part we sell comes from a legitimate source. Submit an RFQ below to get a response in 15 minutes or less.

Part Number's List for Power Cords

Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
30824 c2g c2g power extension cable, 250v, iec320c13 to iec320c14, black, 10ft 10ft 14 awg 250 volt power extension cord (iec320c14 to iec320c13) Avl RFQ
OV-CRS901030 overland storage overland crs power cords, us (2-pack) crs power cords qty 2 cabl Avl RFQ
0419-2BLU american power conversion corp 2 ft heavy duty power cord Avl RFQ
SA-ACC-PWR-AC-UK juniper networks secure access & infranet pwr controller ac power cord uk Avl RFQ
J9879A hp hp power cord c7 to nbr 14136 fig7, 1.8m hp 1.8m c7 to nbr 14136 fig7 pwr cord Avl RFQ
00Y8707 ibm dcs group 4 np pk za uganda Avl RFQ
PC5A-12D-06008F bafo technologies 8ft c14 to c13 cbl 250v 18/3 sjt blue Avl RFQ
CAB-1310A server technology server technology power cord, iec320 c20 (right angle with ground at the top) to iec320 power cord, iec320/c20 (right angle with ground at the top) to iec320/c19 (strai Avl RFQ
CAB-1311C server technology server technology power cord iec 320-c20 to iec 320-c19, 12.0ft (3.66m), 12awg, rohs power cord, iec320/c20 to iec320/c19, 12.0 ft (3.66 m), 12 awg, rohs, culus appr Avl RFQ
L6-20R1-06 eaton corporation 6ft cbl 208v 20a l6-20r Avl RFQ
CAB-L520P-C19-US cisco 6ft (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) nema Avl RFQ
AP9873 american power conversion corp 8' iec320 c 19 nema 5 20p (ap9873) Avl RFQ
76000770 digi digi ac power cord, uk ac pwr cord uk compatibility vc7400 Avl RFQ
YME000UM00015852 vce 40u deep rack pwr cord pair pwr astl lp-58 Avl RFQ
P004-004-GN tripplite tripp lite power cord , 18awg, c14 to c13, 4ft, green standard computer power extension cord 10a, 18awg (iec-320-c14 to iec-320-c13 wi Avl RFQ
10W1-02206 micropac technologies power ext. cord,pc/mon., 6 ft. black Avl RFQ
24906 c2g c2g computer power cable, 6ft 6ft computer power cable Avl RFQ
99595 fellowes 9ft hd indoor extension cord cabl gray-1out 3 prong Avl RFQ
AP8706R-NA american power conversion corp power cord kit (6 ea), locking, c13 to c14 (90 degree), 1.8m, north america Avl RFQ
0419-2RED american power conversion corp 2 ft heavy duty power cord Avl RFQ
PW101 miracle business lcd power adaptor 100-240vac cabl /12vdc Avl RFQ
PD-DCJ-35135 microsemi pd-dcj-35135 dc jac adapter foraccs powerdsine splitters 3.5x1.35mm Avl RFQ
P039-001-2 tripplite tripp lite power splitter cable, l6-20p (m) to l6-20r (f), 1ft 1ft power cable Avl RFQ
PC-UK nutanix power cord uk pwr Avl RFQ
011189A cyberdata 1m powered usb cable 24v to hosiden power plug black (ordered as needed from mfg) (returns / exchanges: sealed product only) 1m powered usb cable 24v to cabl hosiden power plug black rohs Avl RFQ
L5-20R1-15 eaton corporation 15ft power distribution cable cabl l5-20r Avl RFQ
728554-06L wyse pwr crd 2.5a/250v 1.8m mck c $50 minimum order au/nz wy Avl RFQ
PC5A-66D-00008F bafo technologies 8ft c14 to c5 cbl 10a 250v 18/3 sjt Avl RFQ
AP8704R-NA american power conversion corp power cord kit (6 ea), locking, c13 to c14 (90 degree), 1.2m, north america Avl RFQ
CAB-TA-UK cisco cisco type a power cable, spare, united kingdom (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) unite cable Avl RFQ
40K9772 ibm ibm c19 line cord nema l6-30p, 4.3m eu req c19 4.3 m lc nema l6-30p Avl RFQ
0681-0.5 american power conversion corp 6 inch power cord 5-15r/c-14 10a/125v Avl RFQ
IEC-24X4 middle atlantic prod iec power cords 24in. length 4 pieces Avl RFQ
J9912A hp hp power cord c13 to cee 7-vii, 2.25m hp 2.25m c13 to cee 7-vii pwr cord Avl RFQ
A-PC-0106-0318 viewsonic viewsonic projector power cable 18awg 3-cond 10a 125v svt proj cbl 18awgx3c 10a 125v type svt Avl RFQ
PXT1011410 startech computer power cord nema 5-15p to c13, 125v 15a, 14awg, 10ft 10ft computer power cord cabl nema5-15p to c13 14awg Avl RFQ
CAB-C13-C14-1M cisco (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) 1m uc jumper c13-c14 connectors Avl RFQ
PROEM-00044 lind electronics lind ac power cord, 12"" ac power cord only, 12 inch Avl RFQ
10W1-06203 micropac technologies power cord r-ang, 3 ft. Avl RFQ
40169-15 american power conversion corp apc extension cord, nema 5-20p to nema 5-20r, 20amp, 125 volt, 15ft . 15ft exten Avl RFQ
USB2TYPEN1M startech usb to type m barrel 5v dc power cable, 1m 1m usb to type n barrel 5v dc cabl power cable usb a to 5.5mm dc Avl RFQ
15454-M6-DCCBL-LE cisco dc power cable for etsi left exit (ships from mfg) (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) dc po exit Avl RFQ
PC9A-24D-00002F bafo technologies 2ft c14 to c19 cbl 15a 250v 14/3 sjt Avl RFQ
220207-100 datamax oneil kit, 10' amp straight pwr exte nsion cable Avl RFQ
PC9A-19D-06006F bafo technologies 6ft c20 to c13 cbl 250v 14/3 sjt blue Avl RFQ
40227-3 american power conversion corp 3ft power cord c-13/5-15p 15a/125v Avl RFQ
6-30R1-5 eaton corporation 5ft distribution cbl w/ l6-30r Avl RFQ
MTR005202 mellanox tech services power cables set for 216port infiniband switch (ships from mfg) (no returns or exchanges) power cables set f216 pt infiniband swt Avl RFQ
6003-0930 datalogic powercord,iecc13,korea Avl RFQ
ATC-88EPS-12EXT istarusa istarusa cable atc-88eps-12ext 12inch 8-pin to 8-pin eps extension cable retail (7 days rma) Avl RFQ
CAB-1353 server technology power y cord, iec320 c20 to dual (2) iec320 c13, each c13 leg is 10ft (3.0m), ul Avl RFQ
PDX332IEC-1200 american power conversion corp cable extender 3 wire 32a iec309 1200cm Avl RFQ
01380.41T.01 general binding corporat 12 (65x30) awg type sjoow 300 volt ul/csa portable power cord, black jacket - 10 Avl RFQ
175-0899 planar 100ft primary power cable cabl Avl RFQ
ATC-Y-M2F istarusa istarusa cable atc-y-m2f molex to two floppy y-cable retail (7 days rma) Avl RFQ
AC3-6 american power conversion corp 6ft power cord c-19/c-20 20a/250v 20/3 Avl RFQ
AP8759 schneider 3m pwr cord locking c19 to rewireable Avl RFQ
10W1-C1514-10 micropac technologies power cord 14 awg c14/c15 10ft Avl RFQ
AC3-4 american power conversion corp 4ft power cord c-19/c-20 20a/250v 20/3 Avl RFQ
PC8A-2ID-00006F bafo technologies 6ft 5-20p to c13 cbl 15a 125v 14/3 sjt Avl RFQ
QSDCPG16 q see power pigtails w 16 connectors (qsdcpg16) Avl RFQ
J9890A hp hp power cord c13 to gb 1002, 1.9m hp 1.9m c13 to gb 1002 pwr cord Avl RFQ
AC4-6 american power conversion corp 6 ft power cord, c14/c15 15a/250v Avl RFQ
AP9872 schneider power cord iec 320 c19 to nema cabl 5-15p Avl RFQ
PWRC13C1407FBLK unirise unirise power cable 10a 250v svt 7ft black 7ft black 105jacket c13-c14 svtcabl ul 10amp 18awg power cord Avl RFQ
PCCHINA2-IEC309 brocade communicatio eu req pwr cord cn iec309 to c13 10a 250v Avl RFQ
CBLOP-00122 lind electronics lind dell output cable for newer dell d-series and inspirons, 36in 36 inch dell output cable for newer dell d series and inspirons for use with lin Avl RFQ
PWYL18-500 metra electronics metra 18awg 500ft yel cabl Avl RFQ
PC9A-21D-00015F bafo technologies 15ft l6-20p to c13 cbl 15a 250v 14/3 sjt Avl RFQ
AC6-8 american power conversion corp c20 to c13 15a/250v 14/3 sjt, 8ft Avl RFQ
AP9881 american power conversion corp power cord c14 to bs1363 (uk) 0.6m Avl RFQ
SUWL630C-40 tripplite tripp lite single-phase 208 240v whip l5-30r 40ft with 3ft outer jacket removed 208/240v 40ft single phase whip w/ 3ft removable outer jacket l6-30r for 3-phase Avl RFQ
29927 c2g c2g universal power cord, c13 (f) to nema 5-15p (m), black, 5ft 5ft 16 awg universal power cord (nema 5-15p to iec320c13) Avl RFQ
CAB-TA-AP cisco australia ac type a power cable (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) au ac Avl RFQ
41206347-01E honeywell honeywell power cord (us) for the dolphin series quad charger dolphin series quad charger po wer cord us Avl RFQ
40178-6 american power conversion corp 6ft power cord c-13/l6-20 15a/250v Avl RFQ
PWRC13C1402FBLU oncore power systems power cord c13-c14 svt 250v 10amp blue jacket 2 feet Avl RFQ
P022-025 tripplite tripp lite 25ft. cable 16awg power extender-5-15r to 5-15p 25ft power extension cord blk cabl nema 5-15r to nema 5-15p 16awg Avl RFQ
J9883A hp hp power cord c13 to as nzs 3112, 1.9m hp 1.9m c13 to as/nzs 3112 pwr cord Avl RFQ
SUWL520C-30 tripplite tripp lite single-phase whip l5-20r 30ft with 3ft outer jacket removed 120v 30ft sgl phase whip w/ 3ft roj l5 2 Avl RFQ
SP-PWR-C13-C14-1 nimble storage c13 to c14 power cable for pdu cabl connectivity standalone Avl RFQ
450080-B21 hp pwr cord 220v procurve c14 c15 Avl RFQ
105950-014 zebra technologies pwr cord u.s. 120v iec320c13 pwr set of 5 Avl RFQ
CAB0104 emerson pwr cbl aus c13 to as/nzs 3112:2000 2.5m Avl RFQ
9145-6 omnitron systems omnitron power cord iec-320 c13 to type b 3-pin ac pwr cord iec320/c13 to type cabl b 3pin Avl RFQ
CP-PWR-CORD-AP cisco (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) power 7900 series Avl RFQ
48055 c2g c2g power cord, hospital grade, nema 5-15p to iec 320-c13r, 18awg, 3-conductor, 125v, 10a, 6ft, black 6ft 18 awg hospital grade power cord (nema 5-15p to iec320c13r) - black Avl RFQ
27400 c2g c2g 3-slot notebook power cord, 6ft 6ft 18 awg 3-slot laptop power cord (nema 5-15p to iec320c5) Avl RFQ
AIR-PWR-CORD-UK cisco air line cord united kingdom spare for aironet (ships from mfg) (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) air l spare for aironet Avl RFQ
48073 c2g 10ft 16 awg hospital grade power extension cord (nema 5-15p to nema 5-15r) - ora Avl RFQ
AP98892F american power conversion corp power cord kit, 16a, 208/230v, c19 to c20r, 2ft, 3l + 3r Avl RFQ
PXT101NB3S3 startech standard laptop power cord, nema 5-15p to c5, 3ft 3ft standard nema 5-15p to c5 cabl notebook power cord Avl RFQ
PC8A-13D-001.5F bafo technologies 1.5ft 5-15p to c13 cbl 15a 125v 14/3 sjt Avl RFQ
JD188A hp 2m x290 1000 a jd5 non-poe rps cable (ordered as needed from mfg) 2m x290 1000 a jd5 non-poe rps cabl cable Avl RFQ
L21-30R1-24 eaton corporation pwr dist cbl l21-30r 24ft 208v Avl RFQ
PC-AC-NA aruba networks ac power cord na version pwr Avl RFQ
PYO2L startech startech power switch y splitter cable 3 large lp4 internal power cabl y-splitter cable 1-male/2-femal Avl RFQ
P050-008 tripplite tripp lite power cable, c19 to cee 7 7 shuko for europe, black, 8ft 8ft c19 to cee 7/7 shuko pwr cbl 250v 16 Avl RFQ
CBL-EX-PWR-C13-SA juniper networks 2.5m 10a/250v ac power cable cabl south africa Avl RFQ
PC4A-1NB-00006F bafo technologies 6ft 5-15p-da to c13 cbl 125v 18/3 svt Avl RFQ

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