Toshiba has just announced they are adding two brand new N-Channel devices to their extensive family of U-MOS IX-H family of high-efficiency and high speed switching MOSFETs. TK3R1E04PL and TK3R1A04PL are the two newest additions to the MOSFETs lineup by Toshiba. They help designers improve performance while reducing power consumption in most of the power supply applications for DC-DC converters as well as the secondary side circuits of the SMPS AC-DC power supplies. They have a maximum VDSS rating of 40V and allows for operation with gate-source voltages of +/-20V and the maximum respective drain currents are between 100A and 82A. Having low typical on resistance of just 2.5mO at VGS=10V enables an output capacitance (COSS) of 1000pF which ultimately ensures the efficiency of the on-state operations, rapid switching and lowers switching losses.

TK3R1E04PL and TK3R1A04PL provides the optimal trade-off between resistance and capacitance to support optimum performance and efficiency in power supply applications. Boasting a synchronous rectification designs with low output charge that reduces the rectification power loss in regards to device contributions. Lastly the TK3R1E04PL and TK3R1A04PL will primarily operate with channel temperatures up to 175 degrees Celsius thanks to the U-MOS IX-H technology devoted to ensuring stable operations over a variety of load conditions and temperature ranges.

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Recently, On-chip tuning capacitors have had a major issue with being too lossy and causing problems for the user. This issue has been identified and according to the university of California, Santa Barbara has allegedly stated the issue is within the,

"deposition of complex oxides, such as barium strontium titanate, is problematic because of the high temperatures and oxygen-rich environment involved."

Also reporting another major issue has to do with the BST- based device being limited by the deposition and processing methods appose to the actual base material. A change in fabric has become a main solution to their overloading issue by replacing chemicals commonly used in photolithography that contaminate BST. The film in the chip requires a smaller electrode dimensions and finer lithography that the standard integrated capacitor structures. Another challenge that that they face is low-loss reactive devices are microwave frequencies.

Finding alternatives is their main concern to cease the unruly effects that the chip has been encountering. Over much research they have soon discovered that the deposition of low dielectric loss is possible from a hybrid,

“hybrid form of molecular beam epitaxy that uses metal organic precursors.”

As the BST capacitor have many uses they have soon to be used to create phase shifters for phased array antennas in mobile communications or also may be used in antennas in cellular communications.

Despite these unruly materials with the BST this is not the first dilemma of its type. According to Professor Robert York of UCSB there has already been,

"some barium strontium titanate devices are already used for commercial RF electronics, and the infrastructure for deposition and fabrication already exists within semiconductor foundries.”

As a result, the University to provide ICs with films that are placed exactly on metal electrodes.

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In recent News, Apple the creator of the iPhone and many apple products have finally witnessed a drop-in sales in its birth place of China. Many competitors are on the rise to surpass and beat apple sales, Samsung and Android being some of the top. Per the tar Worldpanel Comtech Iphones take 31.8% of smartphone sales with a growth of 1.3%. Android a top apple competitor has taken a plunge in the US numbers with 66% and a total of 0.6% decline in revenue sales. The release of the IPhone 6s allowed Apple to compete with Samsung’s release the Galaxy S7/S7 edge. In the US both companies competed side by side for the number one spot was recorded as the,” iPhone 6s devices accounted for 15.1% of the US smartphone OS market in Q2 while Samsung’s Galaxy S7/S7 edge accounted for 14.1%.

“Alongside the US the numbers in the UK headed in the same direction showing that.”

Apple grew 3.1% to 37.2% market share, in France it took 20.2% share and in Germany its share went up 1% to 14.2% share.” Although these sales in the US and UK have gone up it has not been the same for China. Some say that the plunge was due to market share loss or even the being,” outmaneuvered and outclassed.”As iphones are released almost every year many state that they are lacking newer features rather than just an average software upgrade with a better camera. These numbers that were lost due to these factors are quite a large impact in the company. Tim Cook the CEO of apple tries to explain their downfall and says, “we had a surge of upgraders that came into the market for the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, and the upgrade rate increased relatively more in Greater China than elsewhere around the world.” 

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PSMP Cable Plugs

In Danbury, the company Amphenol RF is expanding to its new PSMP interface. Due to the flexibility there will be four new cable connectors that will be available. These specific cables are designed for 0.141- and 0.86-inch diameter semi-rigid and conformable cables which allow engineers to have way more choices than they currently have.

These new cable plugs are made to operate in high power applications. These applications can run all the way up to 200 W at frequencies of 2.2 GHz. These connectors look similar to the SMP interface, with features of gold and copper outer contacts in white bronze as well. The purpose of these specific finishes ensure a mechanical fit and maximize electrical performance.

The company Amphenol RF is one of the top manufacturers of connectors for use in radio frequency such as microwaves and data transmission systems. Their headquarters are located in Danbury, Connecticut, USA. While they are located in the United States they have global sales that include countries such as Asia and Europe. Some of their standard products include RF connectors, coaxial adapters and RF cable assemblies. Aside from their standard products they also have custom engineered products that include multi-port ganged interconnect, blind-mate and hybrid mixed-signal solutions.

While their main focus is on building on flexibility of PSMP designs, the 4 cable connectors that are available are designed in semi-rigid and conformable cables. These designs suit high-power applications that can range all the way up to 200 W. The mating style is similar to SMP interface, where as well the white gold-plated female center contacts with copper plated in white bronze. These plates ensure mechanical fit and they also optimize electrical performance allowing the high-power ranges to reach a 200 w. This company also adds versatility to the board to focus on their PSMP line.

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Senate Confirms a US New Air Force General

On August 23rd 2016. John Vandiver wrote an article for Stars and Stripes talking about the newest Air Force General to be nominated to lead the U.S. Africa Command as well as the U.S. Air Force. These two positions were approved by the U.S. Senate on the prior Wednesday.

For the newest Air Force General, David Goldfien was appointed. Goldfien replaced General Mark A. Welsh. Goldfein was the vice chief of staff for the service before taking over as the Air Force chief of staff. Goldfein has experience in combat experience as well as flying in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Here’s what Air Force Secretary Deborah James had to say about Goldfien being appointed.

“There is not a better person to lead our airmen into the next century of Airpower dominance.”

For the newest U.S. Africa Command, Marine Lt. General Thomas Waldhauser was appointed. Waldhauser replaced General David Rodriguez who was in charge for the past three years. Waldhauser was the director of joint force development with the Joint Chiefs of Staff prior to taking over as the U.S. Africa Command. Waldhauser will be focusing on the instability of Libya in attempts to defuse the situation with the Islamic State trying to establish ground in Libya.

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Lenovo Think pad X1 Yoga

Lenovo announced the release of its first OLED screen laptop after a long period of anticipation.  Supplying was delayed by Lenovo’s testing, to ensure best possible version was released.  The Think pad X1 is the first of its kind in Lenovo’s history now being available for an exceptional price of $1,682. It can compete with its counterparts in the market as a standard LED screen priced at just $1,394, US which is also standard for most lap top screens in the industry.

These competing screens do not stray too far from each other but have some noticeable different qualities. Although they both have the i5 Core Skylake processors, the OLED is more expensive and has the tendency to have “imagine burning “which is caused by leaving an image on the screen too long.

There is also a catch with the ThinkPad X1 Yoga OLED model -- you cannot get WiGig Wi-Fi, which is available in the LED models.

For this reason, companies that produce PCs have strayed from their production such as Samsung and LG limit. Instead they manufacture LED products for smaller high volume commodities and large screen TVs.  HP is going to limit its work with the OLED production and ensuring that the final product works well, before even thinking about bringing the latest innovation to low model laptops.

The ThinkPad is the next best thing for a light weight and efficient travel lap top to date. The pad has a rotating screen which allows it to turn into a tablet for a closer hand on grip. The OLED screen emits images at 2560 x 1440-pixel resolution. Equipped with an approximated 11 hours of battery life tested by Lenovo. Weighing as little as 2.6 pounds and is about a solid .67 inches. It is the perfect on the go product.

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Intel is finally catching up and creating a pair of augmented reality smart glasses. They may make an appearance at Intel’s developer show next month. They will show all of the details during a technical session while it is being held in San Francisco. All of the information about the glasses isn’t available yet, but they seem very similar and just between the two glasses created by Microsoft and Google.

They describe it as a product that uses Intel’s Collaboration Suite video capabilities to "transform Intel's enterprise collaboration experiences with secure, cost-effective, hands-free and augmented reality technologies."

The glasses are a blend from the real world into a virtual world, creating 3D objects, video chat such as Skype or video games that have a 3D effect but at the same time have a real world background.

They also allow a remote way of communication. For example, if one were to video chat or Skype while wearing the glasses it allows them to be hands free and more remote instead of having to hold up a cell phone or sit in front of a computer. It would also blend virtual and real world into one during the video chat and in the future help out with areas such as medicine and education.

Smart glasses and components manufactured by Intel might also run into some problems like their competitors, such as being too bulky or not being allowed to wear them in public places. A popular game such as Pokemon Go could enhance the glasses capabilities such as being able to measure distance and recognize items and map locations.

Although Intel already has Smart Glasses, they do not do what the new AR glasses would be doing. One of the features that differentiates them from the others is the Real-sense camera. It goes in depth with the shape and contour of objects

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There has been skepticism in the last few years about the idea of “Made in America”; but there is assurance in a particular segment that “USA made” product dominates, and that the global weapons trade.

The Military-Industrial Complex has figured out that USA made products inspire a lot of brand loyalty even with countries like Saudi Arabia. The USA was the world’s leading arms dealer in 2014 and 2015. With $36.2 billion in sales in 2014, in which there was a 35% in sales over 2013. 2015 also proved to be a more profitable year with $46.6 billion in sales. A Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) report on the global arms trade that the United States maintains a commanding “33% share of total arms exports and is the world’s top seller for five years running”. With a total customer base 96 countries in which 40% is exported to the Middle East.

One explanation to the increase in 2015 could be traced to the marketing efforts of US personnel stationed at the US embassy in Jordan. They represented the US at Jordan’s eleventh bi-annual Special Operations Forces Exhibition and Conference (SOFEX). SOFEX offers arms manufactures to display their merchandise and to cut deals potential buyers.

Deployed at SOFEX were Senior Commercial Officer Geoffrey Bogart and Regional Safety and Security chief Cherine Maher to push sales of American made arms. Maher stated,

We are very high on the safety and security market in Jordan.

while his colleague stated,

there is an abundance of market prospects for US companies to do business in Jordan, including in border security, cyber security, command and control centers, telecommunications equipment, military vehicles, artillery, tactical equipment, bomb and metal detectors, and closed circuit television (CCTV) and access control.

The countries that offer the most opportunities consist of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Lebanon and Iraq. With Iraq having a 2014 market value about $7.6 billion and it is estimated to increase to $19 billion because of the latest issues with ISIS.  Corporations such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin and etc, took $90.29 billion of the over $175 billion worth of taxpayer dollars that were contracted to the top 100 military contractors.

A recent Map-light analysis concluded that,

the major U.S. government contractors have received $1,171 in taxpayer money for every $1 invested in lobbying and political action committee contributions during the last decade.

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Elbit Systems present its latest spectrum of solutions for changing requirements of the defense, and commercial aviation to increase pilot awareness and reinforce flight protection and safety. Solutions for commercial aviation include avionic systems, advanced electronic warfare, electro-optics and unmanned systems. Elbit has said to bring their aviation solutions to the Farnborough, a week long show used for trade and also open to the public on the last 3 days held in Hampshire, England.

Prime examples of the new systems that will be presented at Farnborough are systems such as Spectrotm- XR and Light spear.  The Spectrotm – XR offers a long range electro – optical ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance) system for ISTAR missions enhancing manned systems with more over all awareness. On the contrary the Light Spear system provides protection to a UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) and allows Jamming of the system to take place.

Alongside the UAS Elbit offers the Comint/DF system. This particular system was designed to handle multiple communication systems at once and for compatibility with any UAS. Communication is the key in any system which is why Elbit offers their line of Data Links which provides wireless communication for manned or unmanned aircraft. Designed with Tracking, Telemetry, Ranging and Control systems which can be installed into space vehicles and satellite earth stations.

Tracking devices help find uncharted items in desperate times of need, now controlled by the Family of Intelligence and EW Systems for Cellular Communications systems. Identifying and locating potential threats designed and used by the military, law enforcement, and intelligence entities.

With endless solution programs Elbit displayed at the Farnborough, it continues to be one of the top Homeland Security and Commercial programs in the industry.

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Outside the United States lurks one of the USA’s largest Airforce base; located in southwest Germany is Ramstein Air Base. Ramstein serves as the headquarters for the US Air Force in Europe and is a crucial Air base for drone warfare, airlifting special-ops units and transporting munitions for airstrikes. The Air Base is the home to 57,000 US citizens and the Defense Department calls it,

the largest American community outside of the United States, Ramstein serves as the biggest Air Force cargo port beyond US borders, providing full spectrum airfield operations along with world-class airlift and expeditionary combat support.

To make the US soldiers feel home, Ramstein has five American colleges have campuses on the base and large Exchange store that is considered the largest in the US military. A public-affairs officer, Maj. Tony Wickman stated that

The scope of that projection is vast, with areas of responsibility that include Europe, Russia, and Africa—104 countries in all. And Ramstein is well-staffed to meet the challenge, with over 7,500 “active duty Airmen”.

At the moment, Ramstein supports fifteen different major combat operations and the newest addition to the base are fleet of fourteen newest-model C-130 turboprops. The plane is known for its spacious cargo bay that can carry up to 44,000 pounds of supplies or 92 Army Airborne “jumpers” who can weigh up to 400 pounds. The C-130J is ideal for flying war material and special-operations forces to remote terrain in northern and western Africa and the Pentagon describes it as “a rugged combat transporter designed to take off and land at austere fields”.

In 2011 Ramstein’s 60,800-square-foot Air and Space Operations Center opened and it came with “40 communication systems, 553 workstations, 1,500 computers, 1,700 monitors, 22,000 connections, and enough fiber optics to stretch from here to the Louvre in Paris.” Making it one the most technological advanced air bases.

Ramstein is absolutely essential to the US drone program.

says Brandon Bryant, a former Air Force sensor operator who participated in drone attacks on Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia for five years while stationed in New Mexico and Nevada.

“All information and data go through Ramstein. Everything. For the whole world.” Bryant and other sensor operators had Ramstein on speed dial:

Before we could establish a link from our ground-control station in the United States to the drone, we literally would have to call Ramstein up and say ‘Hey, can you connect us to this satellite feed?’ We would just pick up the phone and press the button and it automatically dials in to Ramstein.

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